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Twitter Tips about How to use twitter ?

First decide your area of Interest like Social Media, Fanpage, Entertainment, Cricket, etc...(1/1)
Decide your purpose. Why are you using Twitter? (1/2)
Focus on your passion. Don’t be a jack of all Twitter subjects and a master of none. Tweets surrounding your passion are going to be stronger.
Complete your Profile Information with Profile Picture, Header, Bio, DOB, Website link, Location.
Use twitter list, Tweetdeck and other third party tools for unfollowing inactive users or non followers.
Tweet Original and Informative content that fits your purpose. e.g.. facts, insights and statistics.
Tweets on Great Hashtags, Retweet great content, Use DM Groups too.
Check where you stand on social media tools, like,,,
Follow(By Area of Interest), Keep tweets(Share Information), Exlpore(By Hashtag), Engage(By Replying), Repeat


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How to Increase twitter followers ?

-- Search popular hashtag like Good Morning, #SocialMedia #SEO #DigitalMarketing etc.

--Go to More Option>People and follow all tweeples.

--Or follow from "People you may know" section.

--They will follow you back after sometimes (wait for atleast 3 days)

--Maintain ratio, 500 Following <> 300 Followers,, 1000 Following <> 600 Followers,, 2000 Following <> 1300 Followers..

--After 5000 Followers your following count would be less than followers count.

--Dont forget to followback all.

--Use any app for unfollow unfollowers or inactive users.

-- At last check Follow there for more. 

PS: I am twitter addict. :D

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